The Times of Harvey Milk Movie Review

One of San Francisco's most notorious murders -- at least in recent years -- gets the documentary treatment in the straightforward but informational The Times of Harvey Milk. Milk, San Francisco's first gay supervisor and a major influence on the rise of gay culture in the city, was famously shot (along with mayor Moscone) by another supervisor who had recently quit, after losing a big vote he had sponsored. (Convicted killer Dan Brown's "Twinkie defense" is equally famous, though fatally misunderstood in the mass media. Look it up.) In any case, with dutiful voice-over from Harvey Fierstein, Times is a celebration of Milk's life and influence, though it's unfortunately incomplete: The Twinkie defense is explained incorrectly here, and though Brown's sentencing is discussed, his suicide two years later isn't even mentioned.

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Rating: NR, 1984


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