The Spring Movie Review

It's Tuck Everlasting -- but for grown-ups! Er, grown-ups who don't want much of a challenge from their TV movies.

In The Spring (tagline: "Live spelled backwards is evil.") Kyle MacLachlan stars as a hapless widower who, through an incredible series of unfortunate coincidences, ends up stranded in a town that just so happens to harbor a fountain of youth. Only all the residents agree to never leave the town and commit suicide on their 100th birthdays. The point of the youth serum is thus rendered irrelevant -- why live forever if it's not forever and it's in the podunkest town in the country?

MacLachlan and his son agree to stay but turns out Agent Cooper has a problem with the suicide thing ('cause it's an assisted suicide). So he runs away.

Incredibly stupid, the movie is redeemed only by MacLachlan's natural acting ability and apparent oblivion to the fact that he's appearing in a piece of utter tripe. God bless 'im.


The Spring Rating

" Grim "

Rating: NR, 2000


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