The Spanish Prisoner Movie Review

"What I learned while watching The Spanish Prisoner," by Christopher Null.

1. Don't trust nobody.

2. If you develop a secret formula for the company you work at, especially don't trust nobody.

3. Steve Martin and Campbell Scott - wow! Who knew they had such talent.

4. David Mamet's still got it, even though House of Games will remain his masterpiece.

5. When a girl says she knows an FBI agent, don't call the number on the card! Look them up in the phone book and make sure she ain't lying through her teeth.

6. A bad title doesn't matter.

7. Ed O'Neill will never appear in a better film, however briefly.

8. Never carry a package on a plane for a stranger.

9. This is probably the best movie you'll see this year.

10. Don't trust nobody (except me).

Pidgeon... a bird in the hand?


The Spanish Prisoner Rating

" Extraordinary "

Rating: PG, 1998


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