The Set-Up Movie Review

Robert Wise, the director of The Sound of Music and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, gives us the most unlikely film in his career: a 72-minute noir set at a rigged boxing match.

Based on a poem, this spare film is consumed almost completely by a boxing match, filmed in real time. Between rounds, the scheming occurs -- our hero's manager wants him to take a dive, while the boxer's wife stands by her man. Whoops, the manager thinks his fighter's going to lose, so he doesn't bother to tell him that he's taken a payoff.

Where will this end up? You needn't wait long to find out. Ultimately this movie is so minimalist that it floats away from you altogether. It's got classic noir elements and a very apt cast, but the gossamer story just doesn't stand up to its contemporaries.

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The Set-Up Rating

" OK "

Rating: NR, 1949


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