The Seduction of Mimi Movie Review

This early Wertmüller work isn't among her best, and it's stuffed full of characters and scenes that would be written off as broad cliche today (complete with a raving mad Giancarlo Giannini, his hair flying wildly in every scene). But it's worth watching if for no other reason than to witness its eye-popping and horrifying final love scene, with Giannini "seducing" a very large housewife, in all her glory. It's hysterical and sad at the same time.

Aka Mimì metallurgico ferito nell'onore.

Cast & Crew

Director : Lina Wertmüller

Producer : , Daniele Senatore

Starring : , , Turi Ferro, Agostina Belli, ,


The Seduction of Mimi Rating

" OK "

Rating: R, 1972


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