There's Something About Mary Movie Review

Sure it's ridiculous. Sure it's in generally poor taste. So what? That's what makes There's Something About Mary so good.

If you've seen the trailer, you know the story: Ted (Ben Stiller) finally gets to go out with Mary (Cameron Diaz) to the prom and is stymied by a freak zipper accident, sending him into years of therapy to wonder what-coulda-been. Thirteen years later, we find that he's not the only one fixated on Mary... as no fewer than five suitors appear to win her heart.

Done one way, this could've been a Disney movie. Done the Farrelly brothers (Dumb And Dumber) way, it's anything but.

Frankly, I prefer the Farrelly brothers way, because it's just so damn hilarious. Most of the funny bits have unfortunately be spoiled by the trailer, but it's no matter; Mary's still got plenty of juice in her.

Diaz is memorable in her best role to date, and Stiller plays the straight man, admirably taking countless blows to the frank and beans. But it's the supporting players, like Jeffrey Tambor as a coke fiend, Lee Evans as a pizza guy masquerading as an erudite architect (to get close to Mary), and Lin Shaye as the over-tanned and ultra-saggy Magda, Mary's roommate, who rule the film.

The little touches, though, are what you remember. Diaz's impromptu hair gel, Matt Dillon's teeth caps, and those infamous franks and beans. Mary is still going so strong that she's now out on a two-disc set that restores 15 minutes of deleted scenes seamlessly into the movie. There's a commentary track from the Farrellys, plus a new commentary to their commentary, available by clicking an on-screen icon that pops up periodically. A second disc of extras adds endless shorts, featurettes, outtakes, videos, and whatnot. There's definitely something about this disc!


Bow wow wow!


There's Something About Mary Rating

" Excellent "

Rating: R, 1998


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