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You should watch The Rapture with a group of friends, because the debates you'll have after the movie ends will be as entertaining as the movie itself. Here's a small film that dares to tackle the biggest of the big questions: What is the meaning of life? Does God exist? And if so, what is His master plan?

Pondering all these questions is Sharon (Mimi Rogers), a bored-out-of-her-mind information operator living in the southwest who spices up her dull routine by doing drugs and cruising for swinging couples with her boyfriend Vic (Patrick Bauchau). It's a crummy, dead-end existence that seems to offer no way out.

But things suddenly get strange. Sharon and some of her co-workers start having the same dreams, and she's led by her visions to see a child who has the power of prophecy. He has some interesting news: The world will soon end. Sharon is in a susceptible state, and she soon has a revelation and considers herself born again. She quickly marries a guy named Randy (David Duchovny, in one his first roles) and has a daughter she names Mary (Kimberly Cullum).

Some time passes, and Sharon only becomes more fervent in her beliefs, acting, in the eyes of some, crazier and crazier. She's a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and when she's certain that the apocalypse is imminent, she bundles Mary into her car and drives off into the desert leaving everything behind. The rapture, she believes, is at hand. Her eyes are eager to see the glory of the coming of the Lord.

Out in nature, though, things take a turn for the worse. Sharon is unprepared for desert life, and Mary suffers agonizingly as days pass. But amazingly enough, just when you think Sharon can't get any crazier, you find out she was right all along. Armageddon does in fact arrive, and the final act of the film takes you to places you never imagined you'd be going.

With little budget for special effects, writer/director Michael Tolkin creates an end of the world of the imagination. Armageddon is little more than very bright lights that approach like headlights, but that doesn't make it any less impressive. Sharon's bumpy trip to the other side includes some intense ranting and raving at God, opinions that just may land her in Purgatory if she's not careful.

The best way to describe The Rapture is as a movie that really goes for it. There's no boring copout here. Sharon isn't crazy, and it's not all a dream. It's a movie that follows the Bible to its final page and then punches through to the unwritten sequel, leaving some very heavy existential questions in its wake. Mimi Rogers is terrific, and it's a shame that her dazzling performance didn't earn her more recognition or better roles in the years that followed. Like Julianne Moore in 1995's Safe, another film about a lonely woman who goes more than a little nuts when her world collapses around her (they would make a helluva double feature), Rogers makes the journey from ordinary to outlandish seem absolutely plausible and utterly fascinating. (Interestingly, Tolkin later revisited the end-of-the-world plot as the writer of the crashing asteroid flick Deep Impact.)

The Rapture is one of the most egregiously overlooked movies of the 1990s, and its arrival on DVD is welcome, especially at a time when the Left Behind series of apocalypse-related books crowds the best seller lists. This is a totally different kind of end of the world and one well worth watching.

The rapture... of Lucky Strikes.


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The rapture event is very little understood as portrayed (attempted) by this movie. While the effort is applaud, it seems absolutely no research has been done to the purpose of the rapture.The writers of this movie has confused the end time scenario of the bible, commonly described as Armageddon, with an event that by it's very latin and greek meaning (Rapturo/Harpadzo) means to "caught up","catching away", or "snatch away".This is the event described int he Bible in 1 Thes. 4:16-18The story line should have portrayed this scripture as it is the true account of the coming rapture. Millions of Christians, people from various races and countries, including all children, will without warning simply disappear from the face of the earth.This event should worry all that remain, as it is literally an evacuation of God's people, those who have accepted the sacrifice offered by God's son Jesus.Soon to follow is what's referred to as the 7 year tribulation period where God will pour out His wrath on unrepentant sinners.With millions of people suddenly "taken out" of planet earth, imagine the after math... drivers of cars are suddenly removed from their vehicles traveling at high speed, maybe the passengers weren't saved... Imagine if the pilot of a huge passenger air craft was saved, and got raptured...Imagine the chaos as millions of home owners are no longer paying mortgages, the economic collapse that will follow immediately, not to mention the Electro Magnetic Pulse effect as a result of the rapture where is is prophesied believers will be instantly changed from mortal to immortal...This will literally cause small nuclear bombs to go off in their bodies as their molecular structures are changed... imagine this happening all over the planet... at once...The earth will be plummeted back into the 18th century with no electricity... no cell phones, or any type of communication... only thick darkness... for weeks... possibly months...Then arise a leader called the Anti-Christ, as the world is deceived with false hopes of peace... only to wake to his deadly agenda of global enslavement with a universal mark whereby no one can buy or sell...A one world government is enforced, a one world religion, and any who confesses the name of Jesus will be tortured for months on end before finally being beheaded.If you accept his mark, your soul is condemned for all eternity, but if you refuse, even though torture and almost certain death is inevitable... this will be the last chance you'll have to enter into heaven, where those who have been raptured no abodes.And as the movie ends... it leaves the question in the mind of the viewer... am I going to gamble with my soul? or am I going to accept Jesus as my only hope of salvation...?And as unbelievable as this whole scenario may seem, it's backed up by Biblical historical records with remarkable proof of accuracy for past prophecies....There you have it...God bless :)

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" Excellent "

Rating: R, 1991


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The Rapture Movie Review

You should watch The Rapture with a group of friends, because the debates you'll have after the movie ends will be as entertaining as the...