The Omega Code Movie Review

A prophetic code hidden within the Torah. A sinister plot sealed until the end of the Age. Two men caught up in an ancient supernatural struggle to determine the fate of the next millennium.

Hey it sounds like a pretty cool concept for a film, right? I mean, it's the classic good-versus-evil scenario mixed in with the whole "end of the millennium" hype. It sounded like a good excuse to check it out.

However all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't make this egg-sucking excuse for religious propaganda a good film any more than you could turn a Yugo into a Daytona 500 contender by slapping a Goodyear sticker on the fender.

The Omega Code, one of the first big-budget movies to come from multi-million dollar religious network Trinity Broadcasting, is a poorly conceived attempt to entertain the masses without the use of gratuitous sex, foul language, etc. while secretly preaching the gospel to unsuspecting viewers.

Casper van Dien known for such epic films as Starship Troopers and Beastmaster III: the Eyes of Braxus, plays Gillen Lane - a motivational guru who teams up with billionaire humanitarian Stone Alexander (played by Michael York) to help unite the world superpowers under the premise of global peace. However Lane realizes that Alexander's plans are less than humanitarian when it is discovered that he plans to take over the world by exploiting information extracted from the mysterious "bible code." The bible code is real life recently-discovered phenomenon of secret codes buried within the words of the Hebrew Old Testament that gives a Nostradamus-like foretelling of global events past, present and future.

The premise of the story is good, but the execution of that story leaves a lot to be desired. The writing is terrible - there is no rhyme or reason as to how things progress, unless of course you happen to know the books of David and Revelation by heart. The acting is overdone - Van Dien's melodramatic, teeth gritting dialogs are downright comical to watch. And through the whole film, I couldn't escape painful feeling like I was being preached to for two hours.

See, most fundamentalist Christians feel that Hollywood over-glorifies evil concepts too often and stories about the word of God are ignored. Well, in my opinion there is a reason for that: No one wants to watch or sit through a two hour sermon! We all know that sex sells. Violence Sells. Evil Sells. something that was most-likely forced upon most of us unsuspecting folks back when we were too naïve to think for ourselves. And because of that, no one wants to have that happen to them again.

But the real problem with this film is not the fact that Trinity Broadcasting is trying to win back people in the war with the devil. The real problem is that this movie is a lot like Christian rock music: It's not so much the message they're putting out, it's just that the delivery of the message sucks.

My opinion, either get paid to watch the movie in the theater, or wait for it to be broadcast over cable TV. It's not worth any other effort.

Code ranger.


The Omega Code Rating

" Grim "

Rating: PG-13, 1999


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