The Million Dollar Hotel Movie Review

Three words: Story by Bono.

Yikes! This marginal flick puts detective Mel Gibson in charge of investigating the murder of a billionnaire's son in a wacky hotel overrun by mental patients who can't afford the regular nut bin. And well, that's about all there is to tell, except that the title was once The Billion Dollar Hotel. That's a big downgrade.

Director Wim Wenders tries desperately (and fails) at capturing the Twin Peaks feeling. All he really succeeds at is getting some good actors to act nutty, jumping around with bad haircuts. No real sense of mystery is ever developed, no empathy for any of the characters is ever generated. That's not a movie, Wim. That's not even a music video.


The Million Dollar Hotel Rating

" Grim "

Rating: R, 2000


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