The Mangler 2 Movie Review

Having not seen The Mangler 1, I worry that I don't have the sociological background to appropriately critique The Mangler 2. However, I have read the original Stephen King short story "The Mangler," and if memory serves, it's about a piece of factory machinery that becomes possessed and murderous when a little blood gets on it... not a computer virus gone awry that ultimately creates an impromptu cyborg from a prep school headmaster.

Well, that's what we get here, a ridiculous by-the-numbers teens-on-the-run movie, this time from a computer that's become infected by those very kids, looking to create a diversion and get out of trouble. Darn kids -- The Mangler will show 'em not to meddle!

The film is of course obvious and unbearably stupid, but it's helped along quite a bit by a slew of bad one-liners and a cast of buxom teens, one of whom (Daniella Evangelista) spends litterally the entire film in a bikini. For 90 minutes, you can take it.


The Mangler 2 Rating

" Grim "

Rating: NR, 2001


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