The Descent: Part 2 Movie Review

By the end of 2005's The Descent, it's hard to imagine where you could possibly go from there. But the writers of this sequel tenaciously contrive to get us back underground for more scary darkness and gratuitous grisliness.

After surviving the horrific encounter with a underground society of blind, naked carnivorous mutants, Sarah (Macdonald) is left dazed and amnesiac. But Appalachian sheriff Vaines (O'Herlihy) talks her into heading back into the cave to see if her friends are alive, taking his deputy Rios (Cummings) as well as a professional rescue team (Dallas, Skellern and Hodge). The question is whether they'll find survivors, and how long it'll take for them to become mutant food.

The script takes its time establishing each character as a genre stereotype so we can start putting them in death order before they start dying one-by-one.

But the writers didn't spend nearly as much time generating story logic. The premise is deeply flawed by one rather gaping hole--no, not that cave of horrors, but rather the fact that the police talk a wounded and clearly unhinged woman into returning to the life-threatening scene of her trauma.

But never mind, this film isn't about logic. It's about making us squirm in our seats as we confront claustrophobia and monsters in the dark. Except that it's not quite as pitch black this time round. Perhaps our eyes are getting used to the lack of light, but it's more likely that director Harris decided that Neil Marshall maybe forgot to illuminate his sets (and cast) properly. But seeing what's there only makes it look a little silly.

All of this to say that there's not much reason for this film to exist, even though it effectively keeps us grimacing at what we might see in the next preposterous set piece. The cast does what they can with their characters, and both Macdonald and Mendoza clearly enjoy reprising their roles, adding nasty little scene-chewing twists. It's an efficiently made, straightforward horror movie, packed with cheap scares and grisly yuckiness that will appeal to genre fans. But it's neither new nor particularly inventive.

Cast & Crew

Director : Jon Harris

Producer : , Ivana Mackinnon

Starring : , , Krysten Cummings, Gavan O'Herlihy, , , , Doug Ballard


The Descent: Part 2 Rating

" OK "

Rating: 18, 2009


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