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"Concert for George" is an incredible musical experience. I have loaned my copy of the DVD and everyone has returned it with the same glowing comments - "Eric Clapton is incredible," "Dhani looks just like his dad," and "I didn't know that George Harrison wrote that much music." Those of us who loved him knew it all along.I took the DVD up to my brother's "unofficial" high school reunion, popped it in and before long, kids and adults began drifting in to watch it. I started it with "George's Band," and after it was finished, they wanted to see the rest of the DVD. I was happy to oblige.I'm not crazy about Tom Petty's "Taxman." He did much better on the other songs he played. That was the only song that is best skipped.My favorites of course are Clapton's "While my Guitar Gently Weeps" (who would know it better?) and "Beware of Darkness." The latter is a great song and Clapton raised it to an even higher level. I also wish that Billy Preston would record "My Sweet Lord." It was as if George wrote that song for Billy.Anoushka and the Indian musicians give breath-taking performances. I thank all of the musicians who performed, especially Eric Clapton. The love that bonded every person on that stage was overpowering. Their interpretations of George Harrison's work prove what a great songwriter he was.

8 years 3 months ago
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