The Collector Movie Review

It's not hugely surprising that this film was made by the guy who wrote the last four Saw and three Feast movies: it's another relentlessly violent rampage with no discernible point whatsoever.

Handyman Arkin (Stewart) is having money problems while trying to help his ex (Alonso) pay back a loan shark. With his daughter (Pullos) also under threat, Arkin hatches a plan to break into the safe of one of his clients (Burke), who is taking his wife (Roth) and daughters (Zima and Collins) on a family holiday.

This seems simple enough until he gets into the house and finds a mysterious figure (Fernandez) doing unspeakably nasty things to the family. Does Arkin take the money and run or can he help stop the mayhem?

The script sets up the characters economically with just enough detail to make them believable before plunging us into what is essentially a torture-porn movie. The fact that we can identify with some of these people makes the outrageously engineered violence quite freaky, even if we haven't a clue why this masked villain is inflicting so much agony on the people he collects. And there's some hope as well, since Arkin might be able to help.

Stewart is effective as the hapless man who stumbles into a ludicrously overwrought house of horrors. The problem is that he's the only character who's remotely believable. Everyone else is a scary movie type, from the victims to the insanely obsessive villain. Even so, his sadistic inventiveness keeps us watching, as we prepare to look away from whatever grisly booby trap someone might spring next.

Director Dunstan adds plenty of visual style along with macabre little touches, mainly creepy bugs and spiders. Each discovery Arkin makes is more appalling than the last, and much of this is so excessive that it's almost unwatchable.

Meanwhile, the detail of the villain's set-up is so fantastical that it's impossible to believe: besides the central question of why, there's virtually no way anyone could actually do all of this. But fans of hideously nightmarish movies will probably enjoy it, not because of any suspense but because it's so brutal.

Cast & Crew

Director : Marcus Dunstan

Producer : Brett Forbes, , Patrick Rizzotti

Starring : , , , , Karley Scott Collins, , , Haley Alexis Pullos


The Collector Rating

" Grim "

Rating: 18, 2010


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