Tequila Body Shots Movie Review

A more misleading film title you aren't likely to find at your local video store. Tequila Body Shots is sadly not a Porky's-style romp with half-naked coeds and horny guys. Instead. It's a shockingly bad mystery/thriller with a few cold fish starlets and Joey Lawrence.

In the film, our hero Joey and his two film school pals decide to head to Mexico, where they've been invited to a Halloween party by an unknown person named Hector. Of course, they go, and along the way, they meet some lovely California girls, are cured of food poisoning by a witch doctor, and Joey (as "Johnny Orpheus") is given a potion that allows him to read women's minds. And this Hector fellow begins to appear to Joey and others in visions -- and he's one bad dude, maybe the devil himself!

The movie is barely watchable, with the exception of the appearance of Robert Patrick Benedict (Richard from Felicity), hilarious in a split personality role. But between the bad special effects, a pile of bad actors, and the dumbest storyline to appear in a film in a full decade, you may not even notice Benedict at all.


Tequila Body Shots Rating

" Terrible "

Rating: R, 2000


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