Sol Goode Movie Review

I know what you're thinking: Balthazar Getty! Carmen Electra! Tori Spelling!? This movie's gonna rock!

From first-time writer/director Danny Comden, an erstwhile actor who has starred in some of Hollywood's biggest duds (Fast Sofa, Highway, Urban Legend), comes the oh-so-cleverly-titled Sol Goode, with Getty starring as an unemployed actor type by the titular name. Say it out loud.

Alas, that verbal gag is about the extent of the comedy in this stillborn (and, needless to say, direct-to-video) leasterpiece. Goode's got girl problems (Spelling stars as his booty call standby), his friends are losers (Comden plays one, a spiky-haired Narcissus that wears see-through t-shirts and makeup), and of course he's out of work. And his unemployment has run out! The humanity!

We follow Sol's daily rituals in the L.A. acting community (wow, why hasn't anyone made a movie about this microcosm before!?) by day and his sad love life by night. None of this plays for many laughs except for a few minor touches -- Spelling driving Sol around in a Red Bull promo truck and blasting Kajagoogoo being the highlight of the film.


Sol Goode Rating

" Terrible "

Rating: R, 2001


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