S.L.C. Punk! Movie Review

Ah, to be a young anarchist in 1985... in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Using the most conservative city in America as a backdrop for the American punk movement proves to be nothing short of brilliance in S.L.C. Punk! This little gem features the always-engaging Matthew Lilliard as "Stevo," a blue-haired college grad in the Reagan years who rages against the machine, his parents, his enemies, and -- of course -- Utah.

Shot in an agressive avant-garde style, Punk never drops below a dull roar, as Stevo engages the audience mano-a-mano, taking you into his world, how he became a punk, and hinting toward the inevitability that will turn him into his father.

Great supporting performances from Christopher McDonald ("I didn't sell out, I bought in!"), Jason Segel, and Til Schweiger make Punk stand out all the more, but it's Lilliard's in-your-face raving that sticks in your mind.

The new DVD -- at last! -- includes a commentary track and an odd, original SLC Punk video comic book.

Aka SLC Punk!


S.L.C. Punk! Rating

" Excellent "

Rating: R, 1999


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