Slam Movie Review

Enter the gritty world of urban street poetry that you never knew existed. Not that you may care too much after seeing Slam, which basically portrays said poetry as "rap lite." The story features a two-bit drug dealer (Williams) who gets arrested and has to wrestle with whether to cop a plea or fight the charges. Along the way, lots of poetry is to be had plus a romance with fellow poet Sohn. The problem of course is that he really is a two-bit drug dealer, not a victim of circumstance, so what the hell do we care? Williams the poet is interesting, but Williams the actor is lacking in focus, alternately lifeless and over-the-top hammy. Unless you're really into the poetry slam scene, you'll likely find yourself wishing for a tome of Whitman or Frost.


Slam Rating

" OK "

Rating: R, 1998


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