Seth Lakeman Live at The Minack Movie Review

Review of Seth Lakeman's DVD Live At The Minack released through EMI Music.

Set at The Minack Theatre, one of the UK's best open air venues, the live DVD is already off to a good start. An introduction of loud crashing waves, high cliff top scenery, ruins, and thunder effects create a beautifully dramatic start to Seth Lakeman's live performance.

Backed by and acoustic and orchestral three piece band, Seth Lakeman brings open air British folk to an appreciative and intimate audience. Clearly a talented artist, his strong vocals mix well with strong drum beats and a powerful setting. Those strong vocals do not even waver when he drops a small looking acoustic guitar for a violin.

Starting calm and light, we see the transition from daylight to night, and the music picks up pace to compliment that. Tracks such as 'Reflection of War' and 'How Much' offer a marching and dramatic sound to match that of the waves in the distance. It all appears so perfectly worked out. Seth really gets into it all. You can see his passion for his music, and the experience as a whole.

The small and intimate setting makes the relationship between Seth and his audience quite special. Setting the scene for each track, and clearly appreciating the enjoyment of his fans, encouraging them to get involved and join in... And they do. Having a laugh and a joke, even when things go a bit wrong, he can see the lighter side, that this is an experience for them as well as him.

Yes this is beautiful music, and essentially a beautiful live gig, but this is only a DVD. It looks like an amazing experience, which I don't think a DVD can make up for. The camera work could be more dynamic and a little bit more exciting, but let's not forget the music style. This is not some massive arena performance by an artist putting on a show. This would be ruined by all of that.

Ending on a high with 'Race To Be King', the audience fully involved, you sort of get involved yourself - Drumming on a table, or tapping your foot. This is actually a feel good DVD, and makes a change to the strobe effect rock DVD's I would normally be seeing.

Seth Lakeman fans will appreciate this for what it is, for those not familiar with the artist it certainly offers a great introduction. Behind the scenes features offer a little more to the experience, but I think you will only be left wanting tickets to a live performance yourself.

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" OK "

Rating: PG, 2009


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