Seinfeld: Season Seven Movie Review

Season seven finds Jerry Seinfeld and gang still riding a wave of popularity and impressive creativity. In this season's best episodes, catch-phrases still in wide use were created ("The Soup Nazi" is one of the series' best-loved episodes and a highlight of this box set). Even lesser episodes are still impresive: George's embracing of the calzone as a favorite lunch treat, which becomes boss Steinbrenner's treat as well, is as guilty a pleasure as the series ever put forth.

But most of the episodes exhibit that same intense sense of vague dissatisfaction with life and ironic displeasure with just about everything that became staples of Seinfeld. Whether Jerry's trying to snag a marble rye, Elaine is deciding the "sponge-worthiness" of her sexual conquests, or -- in the season's major running plotline -- George is doing anything to get out of his impending wedding (which he succeeds in in the season finale), the show remains completely watchable and never short of hilarious. Alexander's frustration with fiancee Susan makes him a real centerpiece of the season, as even Jerry himself takes a back seat to George's insane antics.

The DVD includes the usual outtakes and deleted scenes, plus a featurette interview with series creator Larry David, who bittersweetly ended his work with the show after this season.

Cast & Crew

Director : Andy Ackerman


Seinfeld: Season Seven Rating

" Excellent "

Rating: NR, 1995


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