Searching for Debra Winger Movie Review

It's either sad or interesting or -- something -- when the only man in a movie is Roger Ebert. Rosanna Arquette, tired of hearing that old aphorism that there are no good parts for women in Hollywood, takes up a video camera and records interviews with some three dozen actresses at various ages. (The title invokes Debra Winger's recent retirement and reclusiveness -- though since this film she returned to the cinema.)

Many of the comments are incisive -- Holly Hunter, Whoopi Goldberg, and a surprisinly lucid Martha Plimpton -- but just as many are repetitive, whining, and obsequious: Remember you're dealing with some of the most famous, wealthiest people in the country and you'll start rolling your eyes when Sharon Stone starts droning about her "womanness."


Searching for Debra Winger Rating

" OK "

Rating: R, 2002


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