Road to Utopia Movie Review

In the fourth of seven Road to movies, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby turned in what is often thought to be their greatest collaboration. Road to Utopia's title refers to Alaska, where two 1900s vaudevillians decide to pursue their fortune during the Klondike gold rush. They aren't going to mine for it though; they've got a line on an old map to riches -- but they'll have impersonate two rough and tumble bad guys in order to get to it. The story's a wash, but Hope is absolutely on fire throughout the film, zinging some of the best one-liners so fast that if you go to the bathroom you'll miss three laugh-out-loud jokes. Crosby's good too, of course, but Hope owns this film, which richly deserves its reputation.


Road to Utopia Rating

" Excellent "

Rating: NR, 1946


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