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Ill start by posing a question. How did Chris Cabin ever get a job as a film reviewer? After the amazingly one sided review he has shat out about revolver, Im amazed that anyone would take this persons reviews seriously at all.Chris, since you feel it necessary to criticize a movie that sways from traditional American underlying plots and that actually has some suggestive and helpful thoughts a person can take away and use for themselves, I say to you.... you should watch revolver again and possibly look at yourself a little deeper as you seem to be taking out all your frustrations and anger on a movie! Wake up buddy.... see it for what it is... a movie... you watched it for a reason...and possibly not the reason you may think. Dont try to deter others from the opportunity to see something different to all the other movies there are out there. Just tell them what you think its about.All I can suggest to you is... open your mind! IT will help you achieve so much more than beating down a director/writer/producer/actor for sharing his amazing views.have fun and smile!Rich

7 years 7 months ago
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adam downey

What a stupid review, you watchin the same film m8?Some may not like it but in my opinion deserves 3-4 stars. Very clever and stylish film.

7 years 6 months ago
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Best Movie since The Matrix, The way the story is told is absalutely amazing, screeplay simply awesome... A movie like Revolver, you have to watch at least 10 times understand the dialog and the plot and what they are trying to preach... Simply amazing i'll personally give it a Perfect 5/5

6 years 10 months ago
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