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If you are going to give an honest review, then at least try to hide the fact that you are a souless, America-hating liberal. Yes this was a hokie movie from the eighties, but you manipulated fact and injected a gratuitous slap at Reagan to bolster a childish worldview. For your information, the movie was set in Colorado, not Wyoming. Of course you knew that but this would have made the cheap shot at Dick Cheney inconveniently impossible. While fictitious, the story is about bravery, self-sacrifice, and loyalty, ... everything people like you decry as jingoism. In this film, victory was achieved through the rediscovering of those values as epitomized by the Wolverines. But then again this was just a fictious movie. Today, my wife and I are going to see another fictious movie, Charlie Wilson's War. I expect a hearty laugh and a glowing review from you. Shortly thereafter I'll tear it apart as liberal revisionist history that champions a womanizing cocaine addict (I'm surprised Richard Dreyfuss wasn't cast) as the one person who simngle-handedly took down the Soviet empire.

6 years 8 months ago
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