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pride and prejudice is the kind of movies that express the deepest meanings in life .this movie capture ur heart despite it's abslot simplicity on its subject because it takes about somthing we all miss the inside magic that once had glowed iside us MrDarcy loved Elizabis not physically but spritly . she wasnt the the most handsome or the wealthiest girl but she was the shiniest girl from the inside . he frist wise speaking and her quiet polite way in taking revenge of whate he said about her . he loved her simplicity and her intelligent he talked to her about three times before he loves her then he annonced his love to her . he seems to be a man that all of the girls want him but he was a selective man and very wise . he was so (unpleasnt felow) as it said , very strong , had a rugge shap and seems to be ruthless , and discreet but in the moment of love he is very week and very affectionate the feelings that the movie created on me is enormous that i realy ca not descriped but i hope that i have given a point in what true love is that this movie expressed

7 years 6 months ago
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First of all I would like to say that although this was well written it lacks the understanding of love. You say that Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy never have a chance to fall in love. That is not true. Darcy knew there was something about her the minute he met her and as the story progresses and he begins to see her more and learn about her character, he falls for her. He may not be in love with her the first time he proposes, her response to his proposal makes him look inside himself and learn more about himself. Elizabeth in turn could not stand Darcy and rejects him, but after she reads the letter that he writes her and she understands what the truth is about WIckham and Mr. Bingley, she starts to see Darcy for who he really is.This is the point of the story that Darcy and Elizabeth begin to see each other. At Pemberely there is a certain je ne sais quoi between the two. It is an attraction that they are both trying to keep hidden from the other. This is where they both fall madly in love with each other. Darcy realizes that he cannot stand to be withouth Elizabeth and after Elizabeth finds out about what he did for Lydia, she realizes that he is the total opposite of what she had thought. He is actually the type of man she has always wanted to find. When Lady de Bourgh visists Elizabeth and tells her Darcy is going to propose, Elizabeth knows that he is still in love with her, and it gives her hope. Just the same, when Lady de Bourgh visits Darcy and tells him about Elizabeth's response, it gives him hope that she might marry him.By the time he proposes again, they have both fallen deeply in love with eachother.I do not understand where you get off saying that they did not have the oppurtunity to fall in love. People can fall in love within the first five minutes of meeting, and if you do not believe this than you have no understanding of what romance and love is, and should probably not be writing a review on a story that involves these two. As to you saying Keira Knightley was not a good choice for Elizabeth Bennet, I heartily disagree. I am a true fan of the novel and was a bit weary about her playing the role of my favorite heroine. However, I feel that she did and amazing job and really captured the character of Elizabeth Bennet. She understood that Elizabeth was complex and different from all other women of that time, even different from most women today. Knightley portrayed Elizabeth better than I had hoped. She would not have been nominated for an Academy Award if her performance was not truly amazing. By saying she did not do the character of Elizabeth Bennet justice, are you implying that the Academy is blind about who they nominate for Academy Awards? Yes, she is terifically beautiful, but her beauty really brings life to the screen. It does not take away from Elizabeth, and besides Elizabeth Bennet is supposed to a beautiful woman, one that many people overlook because she is so opinionated. Your review was an utter disappoint and did not give the movie enough credit for portraying the novel with a more modern twist. I think maybe you should stick to something else you are better at, because apparently you are not a true fan of the movies.

8 years 2 weeks ago
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