Overnight Delivery Movie Review

What, you think you've seen all of Reese Witherspoon's movies? This little gem all but vanished from theaters, but thanks to heavy rotation on cable, it's easy to catch one of young Reese's funniest roles -- as a stripper, no less! -- in Overnight Delivery.

Now available on DVD, the film follows the time-tested "stop the package before it gets to the girlfriend" plot, with Paul Rudd as our hapless cross-country traveller, trying to save the ultimate breakup letter from reaching its intended (Taylor), who turns out (of course) not to be cheating on him. Wacky hijinks ensue -- most of them being quite funny. Larry Drake's even-more-hapless delivery man (on his first day of work) faces off with the deadly duo. A serial killer runs across our hero's path. The gang runs out of money and has to dine and dash (with disastrous effect), and even Witherspoon's car takes a turn for the worse as it plummets from a cliff. This is a Road Trip that works equally well as a date movie (in fact it's one of my wife's favorite guilty pleasures, and mine too for that matter).

Definitely a recommended sleeper that's more than worth your while and stands up well to repeat viewings.


Overnight Delivery Rating

" Good "

Rating: PG-13, 1998


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