Outrage Movie Review

Damn kids!

This laughable made-for-TV thriller has a pedestrian Rob Lowe being terrorized by teenagers he busts for breaking into his car. Outrage is unbelievable from the first scene, but it just keeps getting worse and worse. Why do these rich kids (up for minor juvenile offenses and facing virtually nothing in the way of sentence) risk everything just to goad this poor guy into going insane?

Unclear, just like most of the other plot points in Outrage. If the acting weren't so bad this might have been forgivable, but when poor Rob gets sent to jail for 15 days after being caught with a handgun, he shows up to do his time in a taxicab. It's howlers like this that make it difficult to sit through this supposed drama without busting into laughter. (Doesn't anyone check for fingerprints, ever? Exactly how clueless can the head kid's mother be?) A plethora of awful lines of dialogue don't help.

The movie finally picks up when Lowe goes vigilante, but this isn't until about 10 minutes to the end. By then, who cares? I'm exceptionally proud of myself that I made it to the finale, though my sense of taste is extremely upset with me.

Half a star for camp value alone.


Outrage Rating

" Terrible "

Rating: NR, 1998


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