Orgazmo Movie Review

Normally NC-17 is a dubious honor given to expensive softcore that tries to hit up the "genteel freak" market (or, in the case of Showgirls, people that want to score big in Vegas below the tables). It's a badge of dishonor to be hit with all the lawyering a solid studio backing can muster. NC-17s are supposed to be racy, raunchy, and nowhere near as good as the real thing... but they're never supposed to be funny.

But Joe Young (Trey Parker), the hapless protagonist of Orgazmo - a Mormon from Utah looking to pay for a Tabernacle marriage whatever way he can - doesn't know anything about Hollywood, and he damn sure doesn't get how things work in the Valley. Joe starts off his stupidity peddling the virtues of the Book of Mormon door to door, only to be greeted by the thugs of the porky porn king, Maxxx Orbison (Michael Dean Jacobs). When said thugs are dispatched by the only black belt Mormon alive, Maxxx decides to offer Joe a career in ho business as the hero in his new porno: Orgazmo.

The rest of the movie has the predictability of a Maxxx Orbison production. Orgazmo hits, the girl finds out, and the Johnson jokes keep flying. Orgazmo would be throwaway if mad geniuses Trey Parker and Matt Stone didn't fill in the narrative void with a healthy combination of demented subplots, crazy characters, and a cornucopia of C cups for scenery.

Between the constant hick and Mormon bashing, and the quantity of coupling (and don't think this is all pretty... there's one scene with a woman named "T-Rex" you'll never be able to forget), Orgazmo has already alienated far too many people to be anything but a cult flick, and it's too damn cheesy to work as anything else, either.

Most people will take Orgazmo as too raunchy for review or too stupid to enjoy. The fans of South Park, or people who thought that Team America was the best thing to happen to puppets since Pinocchio, will savor the saccharine sarcasm and probably add another DVD to their wall for a review of their own while ripped.


Orgazmo Rating

" OK "

Rating: NC-17, 1997


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