On the Edge (2000) Movie Review

Paddy, interrupted.

This rather bleak entry into the rapidly expanding genre of "mental institution" movies (a la Girl, Interrupted) has newcomer Cillian Murphy sent to a clinic after driving a convertible off a cliff... and ending up with a broken pinky.

In the klink he meets up with a whole gaggle of crazies, including his soon-to-be-love interest Rachel (Tricia Vessey), who gets off on slicing herself up with a razor. When not being lectured by the resident shrink (Stephen Rea), they're sneaking off to the local bar, where they get in fights, and the local bowling alley... where they get into fights.

The film's one-note plot is outweighed only by a despairing tone that never lets up. Jonathan (Murphy) doesn't really come to terms with his suicide attempt, and for that matter, neither do any of his fellow inmates. Perhaps some hidden message is secreted in the thick Irish brogue, which is often incomprehensible, even on DVD. Worst of all is the accent hastily taught to American Jonathan Jackson, who is about as Irish as a taco.

In a nutshell, On the Edge adds nothing to the genre. Safe to skip.


On the Edge (2000) Rating

" Grim "

Rating: R, 2000


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