Odd Thomas

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Facts and Figures

Genre: Sci fi/Fantasy

Run time: 97 mins

In Theaters: Friday 28th February 2014

Budget: $27M

Distributed by: RLJ/Image Entertainment

Production compaines: Future Films, Fusion Films, Sommers Company, The


Contactmusic.com: 4 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 33%
Fresh: 13 Rotten: 26

IMDB: 6.8 / 10

Cast & Crew


Producer: , , Howard Kaplan

Starring: as Odd Thomas, as Wyatt Porter, as Simon Varner, as Stormy Llewellyn, as Lysette, as Ozzie P. Boone, as Odd's mother, Bryan Head as Bowling Alley Patron, as Viola, Kyle McKeever as Officer Bern Eckles, Maisha Diatta as Nicolina, Jack Justice as Young Odd

Odd Thomas Review

After Van Helsing, the first G.I. Joe and the Mummy movies, filmmaker Stephen Sommers just about keeps his excessive action instincts in check for this offbeat supernatural comedy. There are still aspects of a thriller here, but the characters have a surprising depth that adds to the humour and drama, providing both strong laughs and moving emotional moments.

Yelchin plays the title character, who isn't sure if his given name is just missing a first T or whether it was prophetic. As Odd grows up, he discovers that he can see dead people who need help solving their murders. The police chief (Dafoe) in his small desert town believes him because he gets every case right. And now Odd's girlfriend Stormy (Timlin) helps him piece together clues when it becomes apparent that something hugely horrific is about to happen. Odd also turns to his psychic friend Viola (Mbatha-Raw) as he grows increasingly worried about the rising presence of deathly creatures that swarm around people who are about to die.

Sommers sets this up with a wry wink, letting Yelchin play Odd as a nerdy nice guy who can't quite believe he has such a hot girlfriend. We like him instantly, so are happy to go along with the fantastical story. And the witty dialogue keeps us chuckling with its snappy commentary and absurd sideroads. Yelchin gives Odd a terrific sense of physical energy, which helps him develop sharp chemistry with everyone else on-screen. With his visions of something momentous on the horizon, the film feels like a comical variation on Donnie Darko

Indeed, the story turns surprisingly dark and violent in the final act. Even so, Sommers maintains the bright and amusing tone, entertaining us with eye-catching special effects and a continuous stream of intriguing side characters. Odd's narration may over-explain everything, and despite the quirky details there isn't much subtext to engage us on a deeper level. But the adventure is a lot of fun, and it's also remarkably involving emotionally, catching us off-guard with surprises along the way.


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Lee Adams

Although this film got some poor reviews - this review makes it sound like quite a fresh concept, might give it a try

10 months 3 weeks ago
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