Night Scream Movie Review

The only screams likely to be incurred by this film are from an angry parent yelling at a kid to immediately put this video back on the shelf at the local Blockbuster. For anyone who dreams that the TV show Full House had never went off the air, this movie's for you, as show star Candace Cameron Bure (all growed up and married!) stars as a fat-faced girl caught up in a conspiracy/ghost story involving a dead daughter and small town politics. Extremely, horribly dull, and entertaining only for sheer camp value -- and hey, those fade-to-black sequences every 12 minutes (this was a Hallmark movie of the week back in 1997) make those bathroom breaks so much simpler.

Aka Nightscream.


Night Scream Rating

" Terrible "

Rating: NR, 1997


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