Nemesis Game Movie Review

In the grand history of live-action-role-playing-games-gone-wrong-in-the-movies (Gotcha!, T.A.G., Subterano) comes Nemesis Game, in which players attempt to answer Hobbit-esque riddles in search of, well, in search of something that I never really figured out.

Who's behind the game, how exactly it is played, why people are playing, and even who's footing the bill for the thing are questions that will have to go ananswered. Even the most casual viewer will be inevitably frustrated and completely baffled by the inexplicable story in Nemesis Game, but I have to admit that despite a massive failing in the plot department I actually had fun watching this film.

First-time director Jesse Warn creates a dark and brooding atmosphere -- something virtually all of today's indie filmmakers try to do with their little thriller experiments but often fail miserably, succeeding only at turning the lights out and shooting in the dark. Carly Pope (TV's Popular) adds a good amount of watchability with a fun performance and a cryptically-plucked left eyebrow.

Other than that you'll have to settle for the mood lighting and curious riddles, and, ya know, for 90 minutes that much can pull you through a movie from time to time. Hard to recommend, but easy enough to sit through.

Cast & Crew

Director :

Producer : Suzanne L. Berger,


Nemesis Game Rating

" OK "

Rating: NR, 2003


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