Mommie Dearest Movie Review

Horror's got nothing on Faye Dunaway's harrowing portrayal of Joan Crawford -- a woman who will not be remembered as the Oscar-winning star of Mildred Pierce and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, but more likely as the subject of Mommie Dearest, a scathing biography based on a tell-all "novel" penned by Crawford's adopted daughter Christina.

While it's justly criticized for trivializing child abuse, Mommie Dearest paints a unique picture of the kind of criminal behavior movie stars and other celebrities are allowed to get away with. (O.J. anyone?) The horrific picture of consistant, repeated abuse and down-right craziness is enough to make you think your family is downright normal. Of course, my mother always alluded to "wire hangers" when I was growing up... wonder what that means.

Anyway, Dunaway's performance here is not to be missed. Though the film rambles for too long, especially after young Christina has grown up and the story comes to an end, Mommie Dearest is unforgettable, immimently quotable, and a cultish classic.


Mommie Dearest Rating

" Good "

Rating: PG, 1981


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