Me & You & Everyone We Know Movie Review

It probably helps a great deal that the wispy, flower-likeMiranda July appears in her own film, as her adorable, blue-eyed presencewarms what would have been a cold, quirky, Todd Solondz-like experiencein "Me and You and Everyone We Know."

Like a mini-"Short Cuts," the story follows severallost and lonely characters as they cross paths in funny, sad and sometimesdisturbing ways. A six year-old boy chats on an internet sex site, a manlights his hand on fire and a woman practically throws herself at him,not comprehending how dangerous or unhinged he may be. Yet none of thissets off any alarm bells, thanks to July's wide-eyed dreaminess and eternalhope.

A former performance artist and video maker, her featuredebut plays both with memorable visuals and lovingly written words. Fromthe opening sequence -- in which she records two voices for a potentialvideo art piece -- she raises our hopes and manages to keep them there.

July plays Christine, a video artist who falls for Richard(John Hawkes), a newly divorced father of two boys, one a teenager andthe other only six. Christine also drives an Elder Cab and becomes involvedwith some of her aged clients. Otherwise, we meet a couple of teenage girlsexperimenting with sex, Richard's African-American ex-wife, who alreadyhas a new boyfriend, and a lonely art museum curator.

I wouldn't go so far as to call this picture "sweet,"but it's definitely funny and appealing in an oddball way. One passageof dialogue, equating the length of a relationship to the length of a sidewalk,is better than any sequence in any recent Hollywood romantic comedy.


Me & You & Everyone We Know Rating

" OK "

Rating: R, LIMITED: Friday, July 1, 2005


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