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How smug! no this movie is not the Godfather! or To kill a Mocking bird..., or eve Lady sings the blues . However it was something very special to black people . "You people" are so arrogant it's ridiculous. I mean consider this . The African American body of work (film) pales in comparison to that of our caucasian counterparts . So while you are merely looking at it with you nose up the moons rear . Your missing the simple fact, that movie showcased one of the few world wide black stars of the day. Which in and of it's self was fabulous. but the story was good and the movie was entertaining. And some people wonder why there has to be black television stations and black magazines and black collages. The overall tone of your review was pure snobfoolery ...and it made me sad

5 years 5 months ago
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The person who wrote this review has no idea just how much this movie inspired young woman when it first came out, I was a young girl growing up in harlem and times where hard this movie was inspireing it gave you hope it allowed you to see that a young black woman could make it out of the ghetto and if you dared to dream and beleive in yourself you could make it no matter what your goal may be, you have to remember this movie came at a time when black people as a whole where still fighting for recognition, and at that time woman like Tyra Banks, Naomi Cambell did not exsist, a black woman becomeing a top fashion model was only a dream,but this movie made you beleive that it was possiable and as far as the phrase sucess is nothing without some one to share it with, if you dont have some one who truly loves you not what you have or what you can do for them or where you can send them on vacation haha. then you have nothing. people have forgotten what true love is, everything has become so commercial. she loved him more than the fame and with out him she was empty trapped with a man that she didnt love just to futher her career. and trust me there are so many young black woman who can relate to that includeing myself. she was famous but she was empty, and shse went back to the one thing that was real in her life instead of all the fake love money buys. I think it was a wonderful movie,

7 years 4 months ago
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