Magic Movie Review

The work of early Anthony Hopkins is always worth a gamble, and Magic is easily one of his quirkiest films. Hopkins plays a magician/puppeteer, and any time a ventriloquist's dummy makes it into a picture, trouble can't be far behind. The trouble here begins when, inexplicably, Corky (Hopkins) is about to hit the big time, but flees town when he's told he has to take a physical exam. He ends up shacking up with old girlfriend Peggy Ann (Ann-Margret), and then the body count starts rising as dummy "Fats" gets jealous. Script by William Goldman, direction by Richard Attenborough. Odd combo, but it's creepy and generally works. And to think, Attendborough's next film would be Gandhi.

Cast & Crew

Producer : Joseph E. Levine, Richard P. Levine


Magic Rating

" Good "

Rating: R, 1978


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