Lush Movie Review

Never mind the spooky box cover image and creepy tagline, Lush is hardly the gothic melodrama its promotion tries to sell. And that's probably for the better, because as a dark thriller this movie isn't going to win many fans.

The story follows a washed-up golfer (Campbell Scott), fresh out of prison, who returns to his home town of New Orleans to get a fresh start. Soon enough he's wrapped up with a wealthy-yet-drunk lawyer (Jared Harris), who takes him from one socialite party to the next. But then the lawyer turns up missing, and most people suspect our ex-con hero has done away with him.

That's when the film ought to be warming up, but that's really where it fizzles out. At its barest, Lush ceases making sense by the time we get to this point, introducing a series of unruly characters and rambling incessantly with its plot. Soon enough the movie even becomes a romance.

What does work are some of Lush's comic touches. Best moment: Harris's lawyer feigns a suicide attempt every morning, and he files the suicide notes in categorized files in his desk. Vignettes like these are a bit scarce (and I have no clue what the title is supposed to be in reference to), but if you do end up watching this film, at least you'll have something to look forward to.

Cast & Crew

Director :

Producer : , , , Robert H. Nathan,


Lush Rating

" Weak "

Rating: R, 1999


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