Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu Movie Review

Think of Louise Brooks as the first Goth actress. A star of the silent era, she was mysterious and enigmatic, sporting an iconic, cropped black haircut in an era of long, frizzy tresses and flowing blonde waves. And that smirk, there was something about her that you couldn't quite peg, but you knew she wasn't an altogether happy girl.

This short but loving documentary about Brooks' life and career tells us the secret beneath the bob, a story of early molestation, rise to fame in the silents, self-exile to Germany, and a return to the U.S. screen as an "and also featuring" cast member. In addition to narration by a smitten Shirley MacLaine, it has footage of Brooks herself, shot near the end of her life when she'd gone clearly nuts, raving incessantly about masturbation. (Not kidding.)

It's only an hour long, and well worth your time.

Cast & Crew

Director : Hugh Munro Neely

Producer : Elaina Archer

Starring : , Louise Brooks, ,


Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu Rating

" Good "

Rating: NR, 1998


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