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It's very frustrating. Teen movies can be good. The original Scream was good (although ruined by a sequel). What are they doing? She's All That? I Still Know? Varsity Blues? I could go on but you'll hit "close" on your browser. The newest teen movie, Idle Hands, is pretty bad.

Devon Sawa stars as Anton, a slacker who sits around his house all day, smoking weed, and watching television. When Anton's parents are killed, a mysterious force takes over Anton's hand. He unwillingly kills his two best friends (Seth Green and Eldon Henson) and doesn't seem that phased by it. I mean, he's worried what more damage he could do, but it doesn't really bother him. His friends refused to go to heaven (too far) and walk around as zombies for the rest of the film, helping Anton control the hand, and save his girlfriend (Jessica Alba, who I wouldn't mind saving).

This movie is stupid for many reasons. It's a spoof, but it's not very funny. I laughed once. The only thing that saves this movie from being a complete disaster is the comic talents of Seth Green, and the assets of Jessica Alba. Don't go see this movie, because it's not very good.

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a good movie not amazeing might not of watched it if jessica alba wast in it but still a movie to watch if your not doing anything jessica alba looks beautiful as she always does

9 years 1 day ago
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Idle Hands Rating

" Terrible "

Rating: R, 1999


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