House of 9 Movie Review

A bunch of strangers, trapped in a house, trying to escape, and only one can survive? Why that's the most original idea of all time!!!

House of 9 is yet another strangers-kill-one-another-while-trying-to-escape-a-house movie, this one with the premise that the survivor gets $5 million. There's no explanation for why these nine people are here or really much of who they are (though one's a cop, one's a rapper, one's an alcoholic, one's Kelly Brook, and one's Dennis Hopper playing a priest). And naturally, unless you like to hear Hopper attempt an Irish accent, there's not much reason to care about which one of them survives. The film is so obtuse (after about 30 minutes attempting to escape, the abductees are found hosting a dance party and then tucking in to sleep) you couldn't muster an emotion over these idiots if you tried.

The ending is naturally a surprise, and while it's at least interesting, it makes even less sense than the rest of the film. Skip it.

Cast & Crew

Director : Steven R. Monroe

Starring : , , , , Morven Christie, , , Raffaello Degruttola, Julienne Davis


House of 9 Rating

" Grim "

Rating: NR, 2005


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