Hop Movie Review

What could have been a painfully childish animated Easter romp is given a shot of deranged humour and an above-average cast of voices and cameos. This makes it rather a lot more fun than expected.

Fred (Marsden) is a slacker whose parents (Cole and Perkins) finally force him out of the house. With some help from his sister (Cuoco), he gets a job interview and a mansion to housesit. But any promise is upended when he meets a talking rabbit named EB (voiced by Brand), who would rather be a rock drummer than follow his destiny as the Easter Bunny. Meanwhile on Easter Island, a disgruntled chick named Carlos (Azaria) is plotting a coup against EB's father (Laurie).

Knowing that Hill directed the first Chipmunks movie doesn't help with expectations, although he's also a lead writer on Spongebob Squarepants, so he knows his way around a pop culture reference. He's also working here with writers and producers from Despicable Me, and the comedy combines wacky physical gags with a knowing sense that the entire premise is plainly absurd.

So they gleefully plunder Christmas mythology to create the wacky back-story.

But it's the casting that makes the film so entertaining. Marsden is charming as always, while Cuoco has some terrific comedy moments. The addition of an adopted sister (Espensen) for Fred actually adds a bizarre edge to the family scenes. And key extended cameos from Hasselhoff (poking fun at himself) and Handler (playing it hilariously straight) are very funny. Even more amusing are the vocal performances from Brand (who also gets an on-screen cameo), Laurie and especially Azaria, indulging in more of his gratuitous ethnic silliness.

That the story makes no sense at all hardly matters. At least the script acknowledges as much and never tries to wedge in a sappy moral or a corny romance. It also keeps the humour light and goofy: juvenile without being childish. The animation is efficient and never overly fussy, with the Easter Island candy factory looking both delicious and a bit sinister. And the interaction between the live-action and animated characters is so strong that thoughts of a Roger Rabbit sequel actually cross the mind.

Cast & Crew

Director :

Producer : Christopher Meledandri, Michele Imperato Stabile


Hop Rating

" Good "

Rating: U, 2011


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