High Tension Movie Review

This French-produced horror film has enjoyed a decentbit of internet buzz, and now opens in the United States, albeit in a strangepartially-dubbed, partially-subtitled version that runs about a minuteshy of the original to qualify for an "R" rating. Ultimately,none of that really matters as "High Tension" proves to be adud of a horror film, using every conceivable jump/shock technique in thebook, as well as a twist ending that doesn't work and betrays everythingthat came before it.

A French hottie, Marie (Cecile de France) with Jean Seberghair, joins her best friend Alex (Maiwenn) for a weekend at Alex's secludedfamily farm house. Out of nowhere, a creepy, mouth-breathing redneck (PhilippeNahon) in Michael Meyers-like overalls shows up and begins to systematicallyslaughter everyone in the house. He kidnaps Alex, but Marie manages tofollow undetected.

Most of the horror depends on the almost supernatural survivalskills of both killer and huntress, and it's hard to swallow. DirectorAlexandre Aja does manage to generate a certain amount of suspense, butalmost always fails to control or sustain it. Sadly, the twenty-somethingAja will next remake Wes Craven's "The Hills Have Eyes."

Cast & Crew

Director :

Starring : , Maiwenn Le Besco, , Frank Khalfoun, , , Jean-Claude de Goros, Bogdan Uritescu, , Gabriel Spahiu


High Tension Rating

" Grim "

Rating: R, LIMITED: Friday, June 10, 2005


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