Grabbers Movie Review

Aside from being a hugely entertaining romp, this film also works as a far above-average Irish rural comedy as well as a freaky monster movie. With a fiendishly inventive script and hilariously complex characters, it grabs hold of our attention and never lets go. It's scary, grisly, silly and hysterically funny, often all at the same time.

The story takes place on Erin Island, a sleepy community off the coast of Northern Ireland where the pristine beauty is about to be invaded by tentacled creatures that arrived in a meteor. The drunken local cop O'Shea (Coyle) and his newly arrived partner Nolan (Bradley) check out a report by the colourful Paddy (Roddy) about something that's definitely not a squid. And a local marine ecologist (Tovey) confirms that it's not even from earth. But as Erin comes under siege from these "grabbers", the islanders have to come up with a clever plan to save the world.

Where this goes is both sublimely ridiculous and very clever, as the filmmakers gleefully play with the monster movie genre (there's a storm rolling in!) while stirring in elements of comedy, romance, sci-fi and horror. But this is never played as a spoof, which makes it surprisingly engaging as we bond with sharp-witted characters who face both these terrifying beasts and quite a few red herrings. As they improvise weapons from whatever is at hand, they also find time to bicker, flirt and even develop some lasting relationships. And Coyle, Bradley and Tovey are terrific in the central roles, as are the riotously eccentric villagers.

What makes this script even more impressive is how all of these sideplots continue to deepen even as the chaos spirals out of control. While the genuinely frightening alien assault is never played for laughs, the plot is a bundle of amusing twists and turns that keep us laughing out loud. So even if it feels like a B-movie creature feature, it's actually a strikingly clever film that holds our attention on a variety of levels. And it so astutely captures the culture and raw beauty of rural Northern Ireland that it may give a boost to tourism. Especially now that we know what to do when monsters invade. Drink up!

Rich Cline

Cast & Crew

Director : Jon Wright

Producer : Tracy Brimm, Eduardo Levy, James Martin, Kate Myers, Martina Niland, Piers Tempest

Starring : , , , Lalor Roddy, David Pearse, , Pascal Scott, Stuart Graham


Grabbers Rating

" Essential "

Rating: 15, 2012


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Grabbers Movie Review

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