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This movie was HORRIBLEMy impression when I saw the previews was that it was a family comedy.So I watched it...WITH MY FAMILYHuge mistake.I ended up stopping the movie about 20 min in.I figured I can handle a few boob scenes.This movie is not worth seeing, unless you enjoy watching other people have sex.Or if you enjoy watching other people have sex, with your family and friends.Its ridiculous what they can put on movies now a days.The beginning of it shocked me beyond reason..Those little kids, and that little girl, topless...Absolutely out of this world..Mark HelfrichJosh StolbergSteve GlennMight as well be pedophiles or porn directors.What a huge waste of money.I hated this movieCannot say it enough.Dane Cook, your not that good looking, you do not need a movie to boost your self esteem.Pretty sure women will not sleep with you like that in the real world.Jessica Alba, you could of done better.Not a movie for such a pretty, young, talented woman as yourself.Suprising you took the part...Anyway, the only other thing this movie has to offer is the infamous fat Dan Fogler.That dirty sick sad little man.Horrible jokes, horrible lines.Typical guy who never gets anything and wishes he did.No one in the room laughed once during it.Please people, keep young eyes AWAY from this movie.And couples, do not watch it, watching your boyfriend get an erection during a movie...well its not somthing you want to expeirience.I am off of my soap box now.Let the critizing and judging begin.

6 years 6 months ago
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