Get Out Your Handkerchiefs Movie Review

Gérard Depardieu's wife is miserable to the point where she no longer smiles; he figures his best shot at reviving her is to get her laid by another man -- in fact, the man sitting at the table behind him should do just fine. This is just the opening scene of Get Out Your Handkerchiefs, a French 1970s absurdity that looks at relationships and happiness in a farcical (and fully French) way. You may not recognize a young (and slim) Depardieu, but his performance here is the highlight of the film. It lags a bit toward the middle and gets plain old bizarre near the end, but it's a quite good and totally unique movie experience.

Aka Préparez vos mouchoirs.


Get Out Your Handkerchiefs Rating

" Good "

Rating: R, 1978


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