Feed Movie Review

Aw, man. I just like totally lost my appetite. Feed is a repulsive and lame-brained mess equally distasteful to overeaters, undereaters, online porn enthusiasts, and, come to think of it, anyone else who goes to the movies. Meant to be a psychological thriller, it's just a piece of laughable exploitation that is actually trying to condemn exploitation even as it exploits. Oy.

Australian cybercop Phillip (Patrick Thompson) is obsessed with tracking down cyber-perverts, and his online research leads him to a site featuring women who have chosen to submit themselves to force feeding in order to gain tons of weight, all live for your viewing pleasure via webcam. The site even tracks the victims' blood pressure and vital signs so subscribers can place bets on when the morbidly obese weight gainers will die. Apparently the "feeders" love the control, and the "gainers" love the attention.

After a lot of uploading, downloading, and other assorted frantic typing, Phillip traces the site to Toledo, Ohio (huh?) and wings his way there, quite out of his jurisdiction it should be noted, to hunt down the psycho who runs the site. Of course, we learn that Phillip has a few psychosexual issues himself. The graphic sex scene featuring him and his voracious girlfriend looks more like a steel cage match than lovemaking. Good on ya, mate.

In Ohio, Michael (Alex O'Loughlin), the Toledo feeder, has 600-pound Diedre (Gabby Millgate), under his control, and they both enjoy it when he forces a funnel down her throat, pours gallons of protein shakes down her gullet, and mounts her naked while rubbing food into her many cracks, creases, and crevices. Once Michael and Phillip meet up, we're subjected to a few philosophical diatribes about the nature of love, art, control, beauty, and much, much more. Michael and Phillip are equally unstable, and even if Phillip wins this battle, the victory will come at a heavy (ha ha) price.

A tip of the bedpan to Gaby Millgate, who has to endure some truly prodigious prosthetics to earn her meager paycheck. She actually seems to be enjoying this acting challenge. As for the rest of it, Feed will simply turn your stomach.

I promise it's wafer thin.

Cast & Crew

Director :

Producer : Melissa Beauford

Starring : , Patrick Thompson, Gabby Millgate


Feed Rating

" Unbearable "

Rating: NR, 2005


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