Everybody Wins Movie Review

Everybody wins... except the audience, in this initially promising but ultimately baffling waste of a movie, another flick in a long line of Debra Winger thrillers. You know, the kind with a knife on the cover of the DVD, separating her from the male lead. Right. Oddly, there's no blood-covered knife to be found in Everybody Wins: The body count is exactly one, and even that is totally bloodless (despite it occuring during a head-on collision between motorcycle and truck). The plot is barely worth explaining: A "good samaritan" (Winger) hires a flashy P.I. (Nick Nolte) to clear a teenager of his murder conviction. Why the erraticly behaved Winger is interested in this kid turns out to be the big mystery in the film, not the obviousness of his innocence. Nolte turns out to be the surprisingly only thing worth watching here. Who knew such an awful movie (and that title) could come from the pen of Arthur Miller?


Everybody Wins Rating

" Grim "

Rating: R, 1990


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