Drop Box Movie Review

Comedy set in a video store, full of goofy antics? I was ready to pass, but it was only a few minutes into watching the DVD of Drop Box that I got hooked.

Carefully molded in the Clerks vein without being derivative, the film succeeds on the strengths of its two leads, Rachel Sehl and Paul Rudd lookalike David Cormican, who are in virtually every scene together. The story is pretty simple: Mindy (Sehl) returns a homemade sex tape to the video store where Tom (Cormican) works. At first she tries to re-rent it, then quickly accelerates things when he figures out what's going on. If she was less bitchy (turns out she's a huge pop star going incognito) and he was less of a jerk, these two might be able to find a solution. But their aggravation is our gain, and Mindy and Tom's sparring is genuinely funny and engaging.

You'll have to suspend disbelief fairly fully to buy into Drop Box in full: What a megastar is doing trolling her way through what looks like Canada's most remote and dingiest video store is never answered. Nor is the question of how this video store -- which hands out plenty of tapes but never seems to collect any money for them -- remains in business.

No matter: Drop Box is entertaining enough to make such matters academic. Both Cormincan and Sehl have room to grow as actors, but they don't do a bad job here with what could easily have been hackneyed material. We'll probably be seeing both of them work their way through bigger and bigger movies in coming years.

Writer/directors Anesty and Spiros Carasoulos do fine work as well, with sometimes inspired photography despite the confines of shooting entirely within a tiny box of a room. Altogether it's some really fun stuff that goes down surprisingly easy.

Cast & Crew

Director : Anesty Carasoulos, Spiros Carasoulos

Producer : Anesty Carasoulos, Spiros Carasoulos

Starring : David Cormican, , Rachel Sehl, Neil Whitely


Drop Box Rating

" Good "

Rating: NR, 2006


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