Dinner And Driving Movie Review

Perennial supporting man Joey Slotnick gets the lead in a romantic comedy -- and not only that, he's got two hot women after him! Too bad this 1997 indie never saw the light of day, only now finding a home on DVD. And that's a shame, because Slotnick has a natural charm that earns him a spot as Woody Allen's neurotic, younger doppelganger.

Director Lawrence Trilling (who would go on to direct for tons of TV shows -- this is his only real film) has a good handle on what's funny and what keeps a movie going on. His plot revolves around an exotic beauty who comes into Slotnick's life on the eve of his engagement to pretty-but-safe Paula Devicq, but a parade of well formed supporting characters in various stages of commitment keep things hopping.

And thankfully, Trilling avoids the now-common misstep of making all of his characters unlikable jerks, all victims of '90s and 2000s malaise. Unfortunately, the story starts to get depressing before too long, the central conflict being whether of not Slotnick should cheat on his fiancee with the hot little number that comes along. There aren't any convenient solutions (and there shouldn't be) but the bitterness ends up outweighing the sweet by a pretty large margin... the kiss of death for a romantic comedy.


Dinner And Driving Rating

" OK "

Rating: NR, 1997


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