Cloud Atlas

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Facts and Figures

Genre: Dramas

Run time: 172 mins

In Theaters: Friday 26th October 2012

Box Office USA: $27.1M

Box Office Worldwide: $130.5M

Budget: $102M

Distributed by: Warner Bros. Pictures

Production compaines: Cloud Atlas Productions, X-Filme Creative Pool, Anarchos Productions, ARD Degeto Film, Ascension Pictures, Dreams of Dragon Picture, Five Drops, Media Asia Group

Reviews 4 / 5

Rotten Tomatoes: 66%
Fresh: 166 Rotten: 86

IMDB: 7.6 / 10

Cast & Crew

Director: , , Lana Wachowski

Producer: , , Lana Wachowski, ,

Starring: as Dr. Henry Goose / Hotel Manager / Isaac Sachs / Dermot Hoggins / Cavendish Look-a-Like Actor / Zachry, as Native Woman / Jocasta Ayrs / Luisa Rey / Indian Party Guest / Ovid / Meronym, as Captain Molyneux / Vyvyan Ayrs / Timothy Cavendish / Korean Musician / Prescient 2, as Haskell Moore / Tadeusz Kesselring / Bill Smoke / Nurse Noakes / Boardman Mephi / Old Georgie, as Adam Ewing / Poor Hotel Guest / Megan's Dad / Highlander / Hae-Joo Chang / Adam / Zachry Brother-in-Law, as Tilda / Megan's Mom / Mexican Woman / Sonmi-451 / Sonmi-351 / Sonmi Prostitute, as Cabin Boy / Robert Frobisher / Store Clerk / Georgette / Tribesman, as Kupaka / Joe Napier / An-kor Apis / Prescient, as Young Rufus Sixsmith / Old Rufus Sixsmith / Nurse James / Archivist, as Talbot / Hotel Manager / Yoona-939 / Rose, as Autua / Lester Rey / Duophsyte, as Madame Horrox / Older Ursula / Yusouf Suleiman / Abbess, as Rev. Giles Horrox / Hotel Heavy / Lloyd Hooks / Denholme Cavendish / Seer Rhee / Kona Chief, Robert Fyfe as Old Salty Dog / Mr. Meeks / Prescient 1, Martin Wuttke as Mr. Boerhaave / Guard / Leary the Healer, as Megan Sixsmith / 12th Star Clone, Robin Morrissey as Young Cavendish, Brody Nicholas Lee as Javier Gomez / Jonas / Zachry's Older Nephew, Amanda Walker as Veronica, Raevan Lee Hanan as Little Girl with Orison at Papa Song's / Catkin / Zachry Relative, as Groundsman Withers, Mya-Lecia Naylor as Miro, Niall Greig Fulton as Haskell Moore's Dinner Guest / Mozza Hoggins, Louis Dempsey as Haskell Moore's Dinner Guest / Jarvis Hoggins, Martin Docherty as Haskell Moore's Dinner Guest / Eddie Hoggins, as Haskell Moore's Dinner Guest / Musician / Felix Finch / Lascivious Businessman, Sylvestra Le Touzel as Haskell Moore's Dinner Guest / Nurse Judd / Aide in Slaughtership

Cloud Atlas Review

Mad geniuses Tom Tykwer (Perfume) and the Wachowski siblings (The Matrix) boldly take on David Mitchell's layered epic novel, which connects six generations through the power of storytelling. The film takes so many huge risks that it's breathtaking to watch even when it stumbles. And as each tale is passed on to the next generation, the swirling themes get under the skin.

The six stories are interlinked in a variety of ways, transcending time to find common themes. On a ship in 1849, a seriously ill American lawyer (Sturgess) shows kindness to a stowaway ex-slave (Gyasi). In 1936 Edinburgh, a great composer (Broadbent) hires a musician (Whishaw) to transcribe his work, then tries to steal the young man's magnificent Cloud Atlas symphony. In 1973 San Francisco, a Latina journalist (Berry) gets a tip about dodgy goings on in a local nuclear power plant. In present-day London, a publisher (Broadbent) is trapped in a nursing home by his brother (Grant) and plots a daring escape. In 2144 Neo Soul, an official (D'Arcy) interrogates a replicant (Bae) who started a rebellion alongside a notorious rebel (Sturgess). And in a distant stone-age future, an island goatherd (Hanks) teams up with an off-worlder (Berry) when they're attacked by a warlord (Grant).

While the themes in this film are eerily involving, what makes this film unmissable is the way the entire cast turns up in each of the six story strands, changing age, race and gender along the way. Even so, they're essential variations on each other. Weaving is always a nemesis, whether he's a hitman, a demon or a nasty nurse. Hanks' characters are always strong-willed and often badly misguided. Grant goes against type to play sinister baddies. And D'Arcy is the only actor who plays the same character in two segments, as Whishaw's 1930s young lover and Berry's 1970s elderly informant. Meanwhile, each segment plays with a different genre: seafaring epic, twisted drama, political mystery, action comedy, sci-fi thriller and gritty adventure.

Hanks, Broadbent and Grant are the most entertaining to watch, injecting energy in unexpected places. Whishaw, D'Arcy and Bae give the film its emotional notes. And Sturgess and Sarandon are kind of lost in the shuffle. Of course, all of this requires elaborate make-up and digital effects, most of which are pretty astonishing. Although some moments are rather laughably unconvincing, especially as the filmmakers overstate the overriding theme of human connectedness. The idea that love is all we need isn't hugely original, but this approach to storytelling is so wildly inventive that we're never bored in the nearly three-hour running time. In fact, the way it combines humour, emotion and drama is frequently exhilarating.

Rich Cline


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Cloud Atlas Rating

" Excellent "