Cliffhanger Movie Review

Once you've seen the trailer for Cliffhanger, you have no choice but to see the film. I mean: Is Stallone really going to jump that chasm? Those flashlights in the dark... that guy under the ice. Wow. Too bad Cliffhanger the movie is nowhere near as good as Cliffhanger the trailer. But the snowbound Die Hard has a certain appeal that makes it giddy Saturday afternoon fun.


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This is a fun romp in the snow with the evil John Lithgow, perky Janine Turner & 'an outdoorsy' Sylvester Stallone. Gist of the movie is: Lithgow & his horde of money-hungry murderers want to get their hands on 3 cases of the green stuff that fell out of a plane they were in the middle of hijacking. Who's the only people who can lead the way & find the cases? Yep - Sly, Janine & "Hal", the other mountain climber guide. Are the cases ever found? Yep - but who gets the cash? And who dies along the way? Wait & see! Yep - This one put Sly 'back on the map' of adventure!

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Cliffhanger Rating

" OK "

Rating: R, 1993


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